Bringing Benefits to Gippsland

Investing in the region

G-REZ will enable Gippsland to continue as Victoria’s energy epicentre and lead Victoria’s renewable energy transition.

Over $70 million direct investment to the Gippsland economy
Unlocks $2.6 billion of investment in renewable projects in Gippsland
During the peak construction period, the G-REZ transmission project and connecting generation projects will create about 2,100 jobs
Around 140 long term jobs over 25 years from new energy generation
Supporting Gippsland’s transition to a clean energy future
Community benefits sharing program
Creating local jobs and opportunities

Supporting local innovation and jobs

G-REZ will help create sustainable local jobs, providing a boost to the region’s economy.

The project will support long-term job opportunities, building on the significant energy-skilled workforce and supporting the region's transition to a clean energy future.

Bringing jobs to the community

Bringing benefits to Victoria

Building a renewable economy

G-REZ will involve building new transmission infrastructure to connect multiple renewable energy developments to the Victorian electricity grid.

To make sure we deliver the best solution, AusNet is committed to working with landowners, the community and stakeholders as we develop this important project to connect these green energy projects to the grid.

$500+ million project
Unlocking 3-4GW of renewable energy
Enough clean energy to power two million homes
Reducing 3.6 million tonnes of CO₂ annually
Improving reliability and diversity of Victoria’s energy supply
Securing the future of Gippsland’s renewable energy industry
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