What is a Renewable Energy Zone?

We’re creating the first Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) project in Gippsland.

A REZ acts like a new type of power station, that coordinates the delivery of renewable energy from multiple large-scale generators to the electricity grid.

It will involve developing the right electricity transmission infrastructure and capacity to create a secure, affordable and reliable energy system that connects to the grid.

Why are we developing a REZ in Gippsland?

Gippsland has abundant natural energy resources including solar and wind, and is ideally located on the Victorian transmission superhighway. There are also a number of proposed renewable energy projects in the region, and coordinating the transmission assets for these projects will minimise the impact to the community and environment.

Gippsland already has the skills and expertise in energy generation and is best placed to play an important role supporting Victoria sustaining a reliable energy supply.

What is G-REZ?

AusNet Services is leading the Gippsland Renewable Energy Zone™ transmission project (G-REZ™) which will unlock 3-4GW of renewable energy by 2029 – enough to power two million homes.

By connecting multiple renewable energy projects to the grid via shared infrastructure, G-REZ will reduce the amount of transmission infrastructure needed in the region, minimising the environmental, cultural and community impacts.

The project will play a vital role in delivering affordable, clean and reliable energy, and will help prepare Victoria for the retirement of coal-fired power stations.

Bringing jobs to the community

G-REZ will create local employment opportunities during the development phase, and AusNet has already employed a number of Gippsland locals to work on the project full time. During the peak construction period, the G-REZ transmission project and connecting generation projects will create about 2,100 jobs.

Approximately 140 long term jobs will also be created over 25 years from new energy generation projects in Gippsland. Where appropriate, jobs will go to people who live locally.

Project benefits

Over $70 million direct investment to the Gippsland economy
Unlocks $2.6 billion of investment in renewable projects in Gippsland
Creates around 2,100 jobs during peak construction period and 140 long term jobs over 25 years from new energy generation projects in Gippsland
Reduces wholesale energy prices by $885 million annually in Victoria
Reduces CO₂ emissions in Victoria by up to 3.6 million tonnes of CO₂ annually
Energy partnerships to grow and empower local community through the renewable energy transition