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06 Jun 2022

G-REZ Explanatory animation

With so much investment in renewable energy projects, Victoria is experiencing a renewable energy boom.

But often, our sunniest and windiest places aren’t well connected to the existing energy grid.

Every renewable energy project needs to be able to connect to the grid and without proper planning, this could lead to a lot of new electricity infrastructure.

Renewable Energy Zones help untangle this problem by capturing the energy generated by renewable sources and coordinating its delivery to the grid via shared high voltage transmission routes.

In other words, it creates a transmission superhighway, extending the reach of existing infrastructure to get energy from where it’s made, to where it’s needed.

Gippsland’s existing infrastructure and abundant renewable energy resources make it an ideal location to establish a renewable energy zone.

By supporting Victoria’s transition from coal to renewable energy, a renewable energy zone in Gippsland promotes regional development by creating hundreds of jobs and unlocking local investment and skills training.

Ultimately minimising our environmental footprint, and delivering secure, cost-effective energy to all Victorians.

Gippsland has a proud history of powering Victoria and is at the forefront of the transition to a renewable energy future.

AusNet Services is working in partnership with renewable energy developers to deliver Victoria’s first industry-led Renewable Energy Zone project in Gippsland.

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